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There are lots of good reasons why many consider cybersecurity to be one of the greatest careers on the planet.

A set of global skills that can be used just about anywhere. Tremendous opportunities to spread your wings and grow your career. One of the highest paying tech jobs even if you start with zero tech experience. And a chance to protect the world.

1. There's a pretty good chance you'll never be unemployed

The critical national and global shortage of cybersecurity professionals is expected to last for decades. For example, 6,600 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in Ohio, 13,100 in Illinois, 14,400 in New York, and more than 30,000 in California (NIST). According to NIST, there may be as many as 700,000 cybersecurity job openings in the U.S. today.

2. It’s one of the best-paying careers

The annual salary for a cybersecurity professional is $117,000 per year and with the best in the business earning more than $1 million.

3. Don’t forget privacy

Privacy is also one of the hottest global industries, you don’t need any technical skills, and it's often directly connected to cybersecurity.

4. Privacy pays well too

The average salary for a privacy professional in the United States is now $130,000 according go the International Association of Privacy Professionals. Those with a privacy certification earn an additional $25,000.

5. Experience and Training Make You More

The more experience and certifications you achieve, the more money you can expect to make.

6. It’s a job you can take anywhere

Cybersecurity and privacy are global challenges that speak the same language. The world is your oyster. Even if you choose to work from the comfort of your own home.

7. You often don’t need any technical skills to get started

In many areas of security and privacy no technical or coding skills are required and you’ll never spend a day writing code.

8. Pick your industry

Big business or small, for-profit or non-profit, education, law enforcement, the FBI and Secret Service, the CIA and NSA, full-time or as a consultant, government, the military – everyone’s hiring and you’ll have endless options.

9. It can be a very fulfilling career

You’re being paid to protect others and to stop the bad guys. Many in the field cite that alone as the reason they love going to work in the morning.

10. Great if you’re a gamer

The skills and attitudes you’ve developed as a gamer are highly prized in the world of cybersecurity where your goal is to outwit and outgame your opponent.

11. Great opportunities for women

There’s a global push to get more women to think about careers in cybersecurity and privacy. Women hold only 11 percent of cybersecurity positions globally. Yet they hold 25 percent of tech jobs, and they make up 50 percent of the population.

12. Want to be an entrepreneur?

Cybersecurity and privacy startups are in hot demand, with plenty of investors to support them, and lots of bigger businesses trying to acquire them.