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We can’t think of a better way to get students across the country talking and thinking about cybersecurity and privacy than asking them to conduct the nation’s biggest survey on the topics.

Our hope is that over the next 18 months, hundreds of thousands of adults and teens in communities across the country will take part in the survey, giving them a loud clear voice on issues like cybersecurity, privacy, identity theft, and data breaches, and giving us the best picture yet of what consumers really want and worry about.

The National High School Security Challenge

Students have the option to simply take part in the survey, share their opinions, and hopefully spend more time thinking and talking about these important issues.

If students want to turn the survey into a merit-earning school project, they can break into teams, push the survey link through their school and then outside the school - to parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, neighbors and their community - then download and study the data (there's another lesson), and write a report of their findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

Students can earn a certificate of commendation, for leading such an important national project, that they can use to impress future employers or colleges. And teams will even be able to compete with each other for awards, eventually with other schools, and even states.

Our survey consists of 50 questions, mainly multiple choice, and covering the following topics:

  • Government and business surveillance
  • Control of personal data
  • The meaning of privacy
  • Online privacy
  • Social media and privacy
  • Data breaches
  • Identity theft
  • Credit freezes and monitoring
  • Privacy policies
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Cybercrime
  • Data breaches
  • Data breach notifications
  • Online shopping
  • Personal security habits
  • Mobile security
  • Email security
  • Cybercrime and society

The survey takes less than 10 minutes. TRY IT FOR YOURSELF.

A second survey, focused on SMB security and privacy, will be launched shortly.

Participants in the survey will also receive a free gift as a thank-you. “Double Trouble - Protecting Your Identity in an Age of Cybercrime” is the new consumer security guide from Neal O’Farrell, founder of Schooled In Security.

250 pages and 30 chapters of common-sense advice, as well as crime cases, interviews with hackers and identity thieves, and a guide to 50 great and free security and privacy tools. And all in a PDF that’s easy to download, use, and share.