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We believe that one of the most unique aspects of Schooled In Security is the opportunity to address a series of related national challenges around security and privacy in one fun and fulfilling program.


  • Launch the biggest ongoing national survey of consumer opinions on issues like security, privacy, data breaches, and identity theft.

  • Generate detailed insights from hundreds of thousands of respondents, updated quarterly, and exploring any contrasts in opinions based on gender, age, location, the latest security and privacy breaches etc.

  • Improve consumer awareness and education - every participant gets a free 250-page consumer security guide as a thank-you.

  • Improve teen security and privacy awareness, and get them thinking and talking about these important issues in a way they’ve never done before.

  • Empower teens with the information they need to make their own decisions and set their own expectations, and especially around privacy.

  • Engage communities in an important discussion and give them a loud and clear voice on these sensitive issues.

  • Expose students to a variety of non-security and non-technical skills that will be valuable in any career or workplace - skills like teamwork, leadership, project planning, communications, and report writing.

  • Reward participating students with a Letter of Commendation they can use with future employers and colleges.

  • Offer students a first step to one of the most exciting and rewarding career choices.

  • Introduce students to potential employers, study paths, and even internships.

  • By partnering with schools, we have a unique opportunity to engage school principals, teachers, and career guidance counselors in promoting security as both a career and as a personal skill.

  • By having students invite their parents to take the survey, we’re including more parents in discussions about cybersecurity careers for their kids.

And ultimately, create a bigger pipeline of cybersecurity professionals to help address the critical national and global shortages in these skill areas.