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The Problem We’re Addressing

- The national and global shortage in skilled security professionals impacts everyone, including businesses, government, and consumers.

- In the US, the current and short-term shortage is estimated at between 500,000 and 700,000, and 3.5 million globally.

- According to the McAfee “Hacking The Skills Shortage” report, one in three organizations say the security skills shortage makes them prime hacking targets, and one in four say it has led to reputational damage and the loss of proprietary data.

- Our current engagement and recruitment approaches are largely failing, generating few new candidates to fill the gap, and largely because theses approaches do little to appeal to a broader pool of high school candidates.

Our Approach - Engage the other 99%

- The challenge we wanted to explore was very simple - how do we find or create a program that will make security interesting and appealing to “the other 99%” of high school students, and not just the typical 1% usually targeted by cyber camps and courses.

- Our solution was to create a fun, engaging, and non-technical school project that all students could participate in, and use it as a Trojan horse to pique the interest of more students, schools and parents in the exciting worlds of security and privacy.

- That project is the largest ongoing national survey of adult and teen opinions on cybersecurity and privacy.

Collateral Benefits

- We get teens and adults thinking and talking about security and privacy in a way they’ve never done before.

- We hope to be able to reach and teach communities across the country about these important topics, making the program a national awareness initiative.

- We’ll create the biggest ongoing survey of consumer opinions and concerns about cybersecurity and privacy, with detailed insights from potentially hundreds of thousands of participants every yea, and with research updates shared with the media every quarter. 

- Students will learn a host of non-technical and non-security skills including things like planning, teamwork, leadership, report writing, communications, and statistics.

Behind the project

- Schooled In Security was founded in Cincinnati Ohio by Neal O’Farrell, a 35-year global security and privacy veteran.

- Advisors to the initiative include Deneen DiFiore, Global Chief Information & Product Security Officer at GE Aviation; Michael Fillios, former CIO for Fifth Third Bank; Gary Warzala, former CISO for Fifth Third Bank, PNC Bank, VISA, and Aon; Vince Scott, Director of Cyber Security and Privacy at PwC and others to be announced shortly.


- First schools in Cincinnati Ohio will begin testing and assessing the survey beginning the week of January 14 2019.

- Students will present their findings at the end of February at TechOlympics, billed as the nation’s largest student-run technology conference.

- An additional ten participating schools will be announced at Tech Olympics.

Future Plans

- Our goal is to reach at least 1,000 participating high schools across the country, and reach and engage 500,000 students and parents nationwide. Every quarter we’ll publish the latest results of our polling data, in the form of the latest insights into consumer views and concerns around security and privacy, and including differences based on age, gender, and geographical location.

Additional data

- # of high schools in the U.S. - Approximately 25,000 according to the department of Education. Other sources have suggested the number is closer to 40,000.