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January 28th, 2019

Teens, Cybersecurity, and the USS Cincinnati

So what does the launch of a Navy combat ship have to do with teens and cybersecurity? We didn’t know either, until we partnered with the USS Cincinnati Commissioning Foundation to use the commissioning of the USS Cincinnati in the fall of 2019 to connect local high schools to cybersecurity in the Navy.

Stay tuned for more information on an exciting project to celebrate the commissioning of the USS Cincinnati, in Cincinnati, and what that could mean for our students and their interest in a cybersecurity career.



January 24th, 2019

So what do teens really think about security and privacy?

- 81% think cybersecurity and privacy should be taught in high school.

- 15% have considered a career in security.

- 84% are more worried about cyber threats now than 5 years ago.

- 1 in 4 say they or a family member have been a victim of identity theft.

- More than half of respondents say they use the same password for multiple accounts.

- 55% believe that consumers should be in charge of their own privacy.

Just some of the early results of the first ever national survey of consumer opinions on security and privacy that’s run entirely by high school students. Stay tuned for more updates and consider supporting or sponsoring.


January 23rd, 2019

See you TechOlympics, the nation's largest student-run tech conference

February 22nd to 24th at the Millennium Hotel in downtown Cincinnati, hundreds of students, teachers, employers will meet, connect, learn, and inspire. Students will be able to compete against other schools, attend all kinds of great classes and breakouts, learn how to write a killer resume, meet local employers, and explore internships and co-ops.

Now in its 10th year, the event is run by our great and inspiring partner INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati, and we'll be there to introduce the first students to beta test our national security survey and share their findings.

Check out TechOlympics here.


January 16th, 2019

And We're Off!

We’re completely chuffed to announce that the first school to participate in Schooled In Security is Wyoming High School in Wyoming Ohio, just 20 minutes north of the city of Cincinnati.

A group of students at the school will be kicking off the program by completing the survey themselves and offering their feedback, before we invite the broader student and staff population to participate and eventually out into the Wyoming community and beyond.

We plan to recognize these pioneering students by inviting them to share their results and impressions with other students at TechOlympics in Cincinnati at the end of February 2019.

TechOlympics is run by our great partner INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati, and proudly describes itself as the nation’s biggest student-run technology conference. We plan to announce some more schools shortly, and hope to announce up to a dozen new participating schools at TechOlympics.

Wyoming High School has more than 1,300 students, was ranked the 2nd best Ohio high school by US News in 2017, and has been ranked as one of the top high schools in the nation by the Washington Post and Newsweek.

Onward and upward!


November 28 2018

We must inspire more talent into cybersecurity careers

SC Magazine
Another piece of the puzzle that’s vital here is to reach beyond potential candidates and inspire parents, educators, and career counsellors to pitch careers in cybersecurity. Read more.
October 18, 2018

Texas A&M Pairs Students With AI To Fight Cyber Attacks And Recruit Students

MIT Technology Review

Students with little or no cybersecurity knowledge are being paired with easy-to-use AI software that lets them protect their campus from attack. The college’s Security Operations Center deals with about a million attempts to hack the university system each month. While the center does have some full-time employees, the majority of its security force is made up of students. Ten students currently work alongside AI software to detect, monitor, and remediate the threats. Read More.