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Thank you for your interest in participating in what we hope will be the biggest survey of teen and adult views of the critical national issues of cybersecurity and privacy.


What’s unique about this survey, apart from its size, is that it’s entirely led by students. We hope that by participating, students and communities will begin thinking, talking, and learning about these important issues in a way they’ve never done before. And as a result of these discussions, maybe even consider an exciting career in this field!


Step 1 - Sign Up

To get started, just complete the form below to get in touch with us and get the conversation going. Once you're all ready to go, we’ll create a dedicated page for your school that will link to the survey. Please note, only a school teacher, administrator, or parent can submit this request.

STEP 2 - Start Your Survey

Once your school has been enrolled in the program, and everyone understands the process and rules, your first task as students is to get everyone you know to take the survey. Start by taking it yourself, ask other students and teachers to take the survey, then ask all your family members, cousins, friends, neighbors - the more people take part, the better is is for everyone.

If you're a student, please make sure that you and any other participating students have parental permission to take part in the survey.

Step 3 - Generate A Report (optional)

This step is optional but we really hope you’ll take it. Once the survey is complete and you feel you have enough responses, we’ll ask you either as a group or an individual to create a report of your findings.

That report could include things like:

  • How many people participated.


  • The different age groups participating.


  • The differences of opinions between age groups and genders.


  • The most common answers.


  • The most common concerns.


  • The most interesting responses etc.

Participating students and schools will receive a Certificate of Appreciation and be recognized for participating. And you'll have the opportunity to submit your report and recommendations into our national competition and earn even great recognition.


A Smart Career Move For Students

Because of the variety of skills students will learn and the leadserhip they show, we think future colleges and employers will appreciate this new-found knowledge and student initiative in taking a lead on such important national issues.


So Are You Ready?

If you're ready to get started or have some questions, contact Neal O'Farrell, founder of Schooled In Security, at or complete the form below. Please note, submissions or requests will only be accepted from teachers, administrators, or parents. If you're a student, ask your teachers to contact us.


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