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Thank you for your interest in participating in this unique national survey of opinions about cybersecurity and privacy.

This local survey is being organized by students in Mr. DeWitt's Computer Science Class at Wyoming High School in Ohio, one of many schools across the country we hope will eventually participate in the survey.

The results of the survey, which is completely anonymous, are designed to achieve three goals:

1. Understand what students and adults around the country think about cybersecurity and privacy.

2. Get students and communities talking and thinking about these important issues.

3. Ultimately to persuade students to think about cybersecurity and privacy as a career possibility.


There are 50 questions in the survey, about cybersecurity (cybercrime, data breaches, computer viruses, online safety, identity theft, scams and fraud etc.), and about privacy (who should be allowed to access and use your personal information, online tracking, data sharing, online monitoring, social media exposure etc.)




The survey is completely anonymous and you're never asked for any personal identifying information.

Any questions? Please contact Neal O'Farrell, author of the survey and founder of Schooled In Security at



This survey is part of a national program created by the non-profit Schooled In Security ( The goal of Schooled In Security is to get teens to think and talk more about cybersecurity and privacy, with their peers and their families, so we can learn more about personal views on these global challenges.

We hope that as a result, students will take these issues more seriously, families will learn more about them, and maybe some of these students will decide on a career in cybersecurity and help address the critical national shortage of professionals in this field.


Interested in a career in cybersecurity?

Did you know that there's a career in cybersecurity for just about everyone, and you don't have to be a coder? If you've thought about being a teacher or educator, a lawyer, a privacy champion, in healthcare, the military, government, law enforcement, non-profit, the CIA, the NSA, HR, PR and marketing, design - there are opportunities to pursue all these dreams in the world of cybersecurity.

Learn why we think cybersecurity could be the best career ever, and check out this growing list of resources to help you take the next steps  help you take the next steps - from short and free online courses, to longer free online courses, to internships and scholarships, and even ways to practice your hacking skills without getting into trouble.